Accolades: Featured in Soul in the Hole and on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1997

Ask anybody that has seen Booger play and they'll tell you he could've played in the NBA. He did things with the basketball that can only be compared to the likes of God Shammgod and Rafer Alston. His handle was crazy and his passes were magical. But like many that came before him, Smith chose to make fast money on the streets rather than develop his skills in college.

How many guys can say they had a classic basketball documentary made about them at 17? Booger was featured in the 1997 film Soul in the Hole and was also on the cover of Sports Illustrated the same year. He began hustling at the age of nine, often making fiends wait for him to finish games so he could serve them. Booger Smith is the last streetball star that gained popularity through word of mouth, before the internet.