Accolades: NYC Streeball legend

Just like Pusha said, Pee Wee was a legend in two games. He famously turned down a contract to play for the Chicago Bulls because he made more money hustling. Legend has it, Kirkland executed the first crossover and spin to the basket. During the 60's and '70s, Pee Wee was pulling up to the Rucker in Rolls Royces and then drop 50 in a game. While incarcerated, he scored 100+ points a couple times in various prison leagues (for what it's worth).

Coaches like John Wooden and Red Holzman were recruiting his services and Sports Illustrated referred to him as "the fastest man in college basketball" when he balled at Norfolk State. He had the opportunity to play with Kareem in UCLA, but was too immersed in the gangster lifestyle. Kirkland was basically unstoppable, If he would've chose the right path, Pee Wee become one of the 50 Best NBA Players of All Time.