Uh-ohhhhhhh, Jets fans. It sounds like your team is self-destructing again.

At the end of the 2011-12 NFL season, the Jets locker room crumbled after an anonymous player (is that you, Santonio Holmes?) called Mark Sanchez "lazy" and asked for the franchise to sign Peyton Manning through the media. And, it appears that history is repeating itself. The only difference this time around is that it's an anonymous Jets defensive starter doing the talking and he's throwing shots at Tim Tebow instead of Sanchez.

"He's terrible," the anonymous player told the New York Daily News yesterday when asked if the Jets should make a change at quarterback to try and save their season.

Another source also referred to the Jets wide receivers as "garbage" and said that they were to blame for the Jets struggles this year.

"I've seen better receiving corps in college than we have on our team," the source said.

So, does this mean the Jets will self-destruct again? Well, let's put it this way: They're either going to do that—or reel off seven straight wins and make the playoffs. You tell us which scenario seems more likely.

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[via ESPN]