Recently, Aaron Rodgers was profiled on 60 Minutes. It was a pretty cool honor for a guy who, once upon a time, wasn't expected to make it as an NFL quarterback. But, after watching his profile, the Packers QB wasn't happy with what he saw. Specifically, he was upset that the show didn't spend more time pointing out all of the charity work that he does. So, he came out and ripped 60 Minutes for the story they told.

End of story, right? That was a couple weeks ago, so we figured that was the end of it. But, earlier this week, CBS News chairman and 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager got the final word when he came out and ripped A-Rod for being upset about the piece. He also pointed out that Rodgers' complaints highlight just how sensitive he can be at times—which was one of the things that the 60 Minutes story pointed out.

"Aaron Rodgers was never taken out of context and most anybody portrayed as he was on 60 Minutes would have been flattered by the story," Fager said in a statement. "It was fair and accurate and it was obvious we got it right when we reported that he tends to be overly sensitive."

Yikes. Overly sensitive? That's gotta sting, Rodgers. If you already weren't happy with CBS before, then you're definitely not going to be happy with them after reading Fager's statement. Guess we won't be seeing Part 2 of your profile anytime soon, eh?

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[via Pro Football Talk]