Either tonight or tomorrow, the Los Angeles Lakers will meet again with Phil Jackson about the prospect of becoming the team's next head coach. With the job practically Jackson's to decline, as one source puts it, The Zen Master may simply be looking for the assistants to fill out his coaching staff.

Jackson actually could be in place by Monday, according to league sources, with the Lakers trying to find a way to have Brian Shaw freed up from his coaching duties with the Indiana Pacers so that he can rejoin Jackson in L.A. The former Laker player and assistant coach, long talked about as a potential head coach with the team, is the Pacers’ assistant head coach. To get him out of Indiana, the Lakers will probably need to send the Pacers some sort of compensation.

Jackson is looking at adding Scottie Pippen, his former Chicago Bulls star, to his staff, sources said.

If the goal by Jackson is to add as much championship experience as possible, then the addition of Shaw and Pippen should do the trick. 

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]