Mazda has an eye-catching corner at this year's L.A. Auto Show, thanks to three new CX-5 Concepts: 

The 180: This number has nothing to do with the power of this model CX-5. Think snowboarding (duh, look at the pictures). The 180 has unique graphics on each side that include GPS coordinates, road markings, and typographic representations of So-Cal's Big Bear Lake and Point Duma State Beach. The roof rack holds a Burton snowboard and a Rusty surfboard. The vehicle's finishing touches are the 20-inch black chrome alloy wheels it sits on. 

The Dempsey: This concept, named after actor and racer Patrick Dempsey, looks good in matte black mica, anatomy gray, brilliant black, luminous red, and bright white. perched on the rear is a Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4 Red bicycle. This thing doesn't belong on a paved road. 

The Urban: Sitting on 22-inch Ace Alloy Scorpios, the Urban is a much more designed-based concept, compared to the functional 180 and Dempsey. The Mazda design team in Cali took special attention, making sure no shade of black, whether matte or gloss, would touch.