LeBron James can yell at Mario Chalmers all he wants. In fact, there may be more shouting in Chalmers' direction once James catches wind of Mario's newest title: one of People Magazine's 2012 Sexiest Men Alive. In an effort to put a twist on the magazine's annual list, they created the "United States of Sexy," which picked one guy from each state.

Alongside names like Tom Brady for Michigan and Apolo Ohno for Washington, Chalmers was chosen to represent his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. Now, we hate to sound mean here, but was Chalmers really The Last Frontier's best option? Our guess is that when People Magazine got to Alaska on their list, they just chose the first famous yet current person that popped up in their search. 

Either way, Chalmers should embrace the title and go as far as making the PA announcer include it in his pre-game introduction or after every score. It sounds crazy, but how often are you named one of the sexiest men alive?  

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]