You have to imagine that Lakers fans didn't think they would be starting 0-3 after acquiring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in the offseason. But this weekend, the Clippers run Staples Center while Metta World Peace is probably still icing them ankles. The Lakers' 105-95 loss last night makes it the first time since the 1978-79 season that they start the season with three consecutive losses.

But win or lose, Kobe Bryant still gonna be Kobe Bryant (let's not forget, he did put up 40 points against the Clippers with a strained right foot). This Yahoo! Sports article shows that the Black Mamba is as confident as ever, as he's quoted comparing his team (sorry, Dwight) to the 1990-91 Chicago Bulls:

"I know the story of the game of basketball. The Bulls went through this in the 1990-91 [season]. It's process. [Stuff] happens. You got to figure your way through," Bryant said.

The 1990-91 Bulls were 0-3 before going on to win the championship that year. Funny enough, they beat the Lakers, 4-1, in the Finals to take the trophy.

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