Who are your celebrity crushes?

Chanel Iman. [Laughs.] Um, see it gets fuzzy after that. You gotta pick 'em right 'cause you don't want to say you have a crush on a female who's been with 15 or 20 dudes, that's not a good crush. I still have a crush on J.Lo. Jessica White is bad, too. Chanel is my number one though.

You tend to get coverage on gossip sites when you're spotted out with celebs like Rihanna or any other attractive girls. What are your thoughts on those sites and the romance rumors they put out there?


They're pretty accurate [with my dating rumors].


It’s funny because it’s like, you honestly never know unless you know somebody who was there. They could say, "We saw such and such together," and that could be a bold-faced lie. The other person could be way across the country. Other times it could be like, “That's his girl.” [Laughs.] It’s wild the way they portray things. You could be in the club next somebody, and they could be like “Oh such and such is here, and such and such is hereboom, let’s send it out!” Then it’s everywhere and everybody knows. It’s crazy, it’s just beyond me how it works like that.

If you had to give a percentage on how accurate they are when it comes to rumors about yourself, what would it be?

On mine, they're pretty accurate [with my dating rumors]. [Laughs.] I mean, with other people I know they're not that accurate. However, they're accurate with my shit. [Laughs.]

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