You're pretty active on Twitter and you interact with fans from time to time. The most notable being your invitation to an impromptu bike ride through New York at 2 a.m. during the offseason. How did that come about?

My brother, really. He was like, "Yo, we should ride these bikes in the city." So, I'm thinking he's talking about next week or something. He's like "We should ride them right now." So I put it on Twitter, and before you know it a bunch of people came. They were just at The Garden taking pictures, a bunch of people were outside of Foot Locker waiting for the shoe release. It was a good time.


I'm not the smartest person on Twitter; I'm definitely not the dumbest either.


What are the best and worst parts of being a celebrity on Twitter?

The best part of being a celeb on Twitter is just the power of my followers. I mean my followers made somebody delete their page one time, so that was pretty big. I only have 160K, now imagine Kim Kardashian who has 16 million or Justin Bieber people, it’s crazy.

Do you have any regrets about anything you've posted on Twitter?

Yeah, I have a lot of regrets. I'm not the smartest person on Twitter; I'm definitely not the dumbest either. I'm in the public eye so much that there's so much that I have to take back off Twitter. I mean I delete stuff all the time. It's Twitter, I don't think people should take it so serious.

Have any of your coaches ever approached you about controversial things you post?

Yeah, the front office has came to me about that stuff, my coaches never came to me though. Once instance was a couple years ago when we were playing the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. I was talking about Kobe [Bryant] on there and they just came to me like, "Knock it off." Stuff like that. This past year of course there was...

The Tahiry backshot. Yeah, that was...

Messed up.

Speaking of ladies on Twitter, what's the craziest DM a groupie has ever sent you?

The craziest DM a groupie has ever sent me, um, these females say some pretty amazing things. Seriously. I don't know if I can say...but yeah, they send some pretty amazing things. [Laughs.]


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