George St. Pierre was out of action for 18 months after suffering a severe ACL injury to his right knee. That type of absence from the Octagon would make any fighter rusty, but GSP showed he isn't just any normal mixed martial artist in his convincing defeat of Carlos Condit (28-6) by unanimous decision.

In the first round, St. Pierre landed a vicious elbow that caused Condit to bleed out (check out the aftermath in the thumbs). Luckily for the Natural Born Killer, the blood never seemed to effect his vision. Meanwhile, in the third round, Condit knocked St. Pierre down with an effective head kick, but GSP recovered nicely. Throughout the rest of the match, GSP maintained his dominance and came away with the victory.   

St. Pierre improved his record to 23-2. Following his win, GSP was asked about a potential match with Anderson SIlva in the near future and like a polished fighter, he remained evasive.   

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