DeMarcus Cousins got ejected from the Kings/Jazz game on Saturday night. No surprise there, right? Call us when DMC doesn't get ejected from a game. But, what was surprising was what DMC shared with reporters later.

According to him, he didn't deserve to be ejected for arguing with a referee over a call that earned him a technical foul. He says that he wasn't the one who started the brief altercation.

"The referee cursed at me," he said. "He told me to go [expletive] ask the other referee [about the technical foul]. I was going to say something back, kept my cool, and walked away and still end up with a technical. So, I still don't understand."

We do. You have a bad rep for doing stuff like this. So, refs aren't going to take it easy on you. It sucks, but, hey, what are you gonna do? Behave better and we promise it won't happen again.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]