In January 2013, the Professional Bowling Assocation league starts up. And before the first ball is rolled, the league is getting some attention for the big name athletes and celebrities in their corner. Chris Paul, along with former running back Jerome Bettis, Terrell Owens and Kevin Hart, have become the first owners in the league's inaugural season. The league will feature eight teams with five bowlers on each squad. ESPN will air the five weeks of competition, which starts on January 27th.

As host of the Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational charity bowling event for the last four years, it should come as no surprise that CP3 loves him some bowling. So, when an opportunity to own part of the Los Angeles PBA franchise came about, Paul jumped on it. 

"This is exciting for me and for the sport of bowling," Paul told "I love PBA action, have enjoyed getting to know many of the top bowlers and look forward to my team competing for the first PBA League Elias Cup."

[via Pro Basketball Talk]