Remember that McDonald's commercial back in the day where a guy went around New York City seeing what he could get for a dollar? Eventually, dude got the most bang for his buck by purchasing a McChicken sandwich, but if he were lucky enough to get on a computer (libraries FTW!), he could've used that same $1 bill to score a ticket (or maybe two) to either a Philadelphia 76ers or Atlanta Hawks game. 

On StubHub, a block of 17 tickets for Wednesday's Sixers game against the Detroit Pistons were on sale for 40 cents per seat. Or, if that price was too much to ask, how about grabbing 2 tickets for $0.10 each only two rows up? And, if you were lucky enough to score those cheap seats, you could've seen this horror scene in person! 

As for Hawks tickets, their game on Monday against the Orlando Magic is only one dollar, while future home match-ups versus the Charlotte Bobcats ($1), Memphis Grizzlies ($0.95) and New Orleans Hornets ($0.94) are going for a buck or less. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there is a catch. This deal only applies to upper level seats. If that's not a problem, then what are you waiting for? Purchase a ticket and figure out how to pay for food or drink from the concession stand on your way over there. 

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[via Black Sports Online]