When: 2009-Present

If you've watched ESPN in the past two months as it relates to any NBA coverage, you've heard about the beef between Rondo and Ray Allen. The teammates relationship reportedly went sour a few years back and many say the beef paired with Allen's feeling that Boston was disloyal and wasn't using his talents for more than just being a decoy, led him to signing with the hated rival in the Miami Heat.

Allen said it all changed when after being told himself and Rondo were going to get traded because of Rondo's bad relationship with Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers, he reached out to Rondo and Rajon reportedly took him reaching out as him having a problem with him. Rondo's take has been that it was never a big deal and that there are always co-workers who don't like each other. How much this relationship affected the team over the past couple seasons is up in the air, but the fact that if this was even a remote factor in Allen's choice to go to Miami makes this a huge jackass moment for Rondo. You just helped the team that took you out and is easily your biggest rival get better, c'mon son.