Andrew Bynum just can't win right now. Both of his knees are injured. He hasn't even come close to playing in his first game for the Philadelphia 76ers yet. And, he's now been ruled out "indefinitely" for the team.

But, that's not the only arena he's catching Ls in right now. According to a new TMZ report, the 7-footer is also facing trouble in the legal arena, where he's currently being sued by his former Westchester, Calif. neighbors Ramond and Cindy Beckett. In a new lawsuit that they just filed, they claim that Bynum used firearms to intimidate them, allowed weed smoke from his property to drift into their yard, and frequently blasted loud music (specifically pointing out his love for Trina's song "Currency" for some reason). They also say he rattled their windows by playing video games at an extremely high volume, let his dogs run around the neighborhood without a leash, and raced his luxury rides nearby at dangerously high speeds.

However, it should also be pointed out that Bynum fired a preemptive strike here and sued the Becketts before they could get to him. In a lawsuit that he filed recently, he claims that the Becketts didn't like "his profession, his race, his friends, his cars, and his taste in music." He also claims that they used to scream on him for playing his music (guess they weren't big Trina fans?), throw various coins at his Ferrari, and bang on the side of his house with "a long stick" (WTF?).

All in all, this sounds like it was probably a nightmare for both sides, and it'll be settled in court. But, for Bynum, this is just another nightmare in a looooooong line of nightmares. When is this guy gonna wake up?

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