Who Will be the Man of Next Year in Sports?

Mike Trout

Breakout doesn't begin to describe the year this rookie just put together in center field for the Angels. Mike Trout is the youngest player ever to record at least 20 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a single season, and is the only rookie to ever hit 30 home runs and steal 40 bases. Trout is also the first player in major league history to hit 30 homers, steal 45 bases, and score 125 runs in one season. Are you getting the picture here?

In addition to other countless rookie and Angels records this kid has broken he also plays a hell of a center field, covering ground and making the most difficult of plays with ease. He's already drawing comparisons to legends like Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle. What is King Fish 2.0 going to do for an encore next season?

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