Via the magic of Google Translate, we've learned that this is a 2006 BMW-Sauber F1 car that has somehow ended up on Sweden's equivalent of Craig's List. The ad also goes on to say "Others want to know about the car is that it has several gadgets which we expect to be a new car of today should have. BMW Sauber F1 .06 has namely traction control (but no traction control), trip computer, multifunction steering wheel, sports seats and rear wing. Just like the fancy car anywhere."

It's just like the fancy car anywhere (BMW 3-Series), except that is doesn't have a roof, more than one seat, a trunk, or the ability to take corners at medium speeds, being dependant on aerodynamic downforce it need to either crawl or fly. Regardless, this fancy car can be yours for $1.37 million.

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[via Blocket, Jalopnik]

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