Last week the NBA announced that they will be implementing a system to end the abomination that is flopping. Well, after the league made their anti-flopping system public today, Billy Hunter and the NBAPA are going to file grievance and unfair labor practices charges against the NBA, according to CBS' Ken Berger.

Check out the tweets below to get some quotes from Billy, himself:

Under the fining system the NBA is implementing, the first violation will result in a warning, the second violation will cost the culprit $5,000, the third violation will cost $10,000, the fourth will cost $15,000, the fifth will cost $30,000 and any flopping violation after that will result in a suspension or the like (Stern hasn't figured that last one out yet).

We hope the player's union fails miserably at this attempt to keep flopping legal. But at least we know Billy Hunter takes his job really, really seriously.

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[via @KBergCBS]