Athlete: Evander Holyfield
: Boxing
When: 1989-Present

At 49 years old, Evander Holyfield is still losing brain cells defying the odds and competing in the ring. Holyfield won his first world heavyweight title in 1989 when he knocked out Michael Dokes for the WBC Continental Americas Heavyweight title and won his most recent title in 2010 when he knocked out Francois Botha (yeah, us neither) for the vacant WBF heavyweight title. With that victory Holyfield became the first (and only) five-time heavyweight champion.

Of course, his accomplishments haven't come with adversity, especially from situations outside of the sport. On February 28, 2007, a man named "Evan Fields" with the same birthdate as Holyfield was linked to Applied Pharmacy Services, which was a pharmacy in Alabama that reportedly delivered illegal steroids and human growth hormone to athletes. In addition to sharing a similar date of birth, The Real Deal also has a similar address to that of this Mr. Fields and when they called the listed number, Holyfield answered. Hmm. But let us say this, he's innocent until proven guilty.