Sport: Baseball
Years Active: 1989-2010
Career Stats: .284 BA 630 HR 1,836 RBI
Injuries: Left knee surgery, hamstring surgery, broken wrist

Ken Griffey Jr. was the face of the Seattle Mariners from 1989-2000. The 13-time All-Star was what many considered to be the greatest player in the game during his prime. Junior was a slugger, knocking 630 balls out of the park, and had his career best of 56 home runs in back-to-back seasons in '97 and '98. Griffey was a force that even the Yankees couldn't stop in his heyday, beating them in the ALDS in '95. He went off for 9 home runs on the Bronx Bombers before losing in the ALCS. Simply put, Griffey was the man before injuries sidelined him for most of the early 2000s (played under 100 games every season between 2002 and 2004).