Original Airing: 2010-present

Audibles is like NFL Live, NFL Countdown, NFL 32, NFL Primetime, and the 30 other shield-related ESPN staples, only with no highlights, zero production value, and a gnawing reliance on Twitter. This show is seriously just four insufferable blowhards in a cigar lounge shouting about the Texans "getting back to the basics on defense" and the Raiders need to "establish a more consistent run game."

The partnership between ESPN and the NFL has systemically deprived any semblance of legitimate criticism or original thought from the purported news network. As a result, you get the year-long devotion to a sport that has a 16 game season. In sum, Audibles is four interchangeable suits who (minus Trent Dilfer) happened to be damn good NFL players and (including Trent Dilfer) are hopelessly boring to listen to.