Stern’s Beef with Mark Cuban vs. Goodell’s Beef with James Harrison

The Match-up: David Stern's fined Mark Cuban more than a dozen times for incidents including criticizing the refs and kicking a ball into the stands. The two have famously exchanged in a war of words with Cuban once saying of Stern's Chris Paul trade veto, "Bad management gets you bad results."

The war or words between Steelers linebacker James Harrison and Goodell has been a lot worse with Harrison calling Goodell a racial slur in an interview with Men's Journal and saying of the NFL Commissioner, "If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn't do it." Harrison has been fined more than $100K by Goodell and is believed by some—Harrison mostly—to be unfairly targeted by the NFL.

Winner: David Stern

The thing about David Stern is he targets the wrong dude. Cuban is worth $2.3B and Stern's racked up some $2M worth of fines against him. To put that into perspective, that's .0008% of Cuban's worth.