Video killed the radio star. Similarly, the minivan and SUV have contributed to the death of another American classic, the front bench seat. When the 2014 Chrevolet Impala hits the market, it will effectively kill the last remaining vehicle to boast a middle seat next to the driver. 

What does this mean for our nostalgic view of the American road? 

For one, you'll almost always need to move to the back seat when an opportunity for necking arises. Yes, we've used a dated term for making out. But, it seems fitting. We're losing an impractical, yet essential, element of our automotive heritage. No different from drive-in movies or scenic view points designed for (yup, you read our mind) stretching out a Friday night date. 

Sales of the front bench seat in the current Impala figure at just 1/10 of every model sold. We understand the fiscal difficult of keeping a tradition alive with those types of numbers. Still, we can't help but feel a tinge of sadness for the death of an American icon.

Click the thumbs to view some classic front bench seats.

[via GM]

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