Since returning to the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant has been bragging and boasting all over the place. Yesterday, we told you how Kobe admitted that this Lakers team is the best one he has ever played on. Now, the Black Mamba is back with another dose of his typical braggadocio. In an interview on the Mason and Ireland Show on ESPN 710 radio in Los Angeles,  Bryant was confronted with the belief that this squad won't be able to mesh, given KB's tendency to hog the ball and he gave a very direct response:

“Here’s the thing: Some people are just very, very dumb. I keep hearing it from some people that I just want to score and that other stuff. Nobody has won more championships than me in my entire generation. I’ve got five of them. You can’t be selfish and win one championship, let alone five. That argument should be in the coffin by now. I don’t like having the ball.”

Ah, the "numbers don't lie" statement. Yeah, KB has the 'chips to back up any argument, but we gotta call BS on that "I don't like having the ball" part of your response. C'mon with all that, Kobe. C'mon.     

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]