How did you end up signing with the 76ers?

Once I saw that the Clippers got Jamal Crawford I was like ‘OK, I might just head somewhere else.’ It was a situation they had to do, you know? Doug Collins talked good to me. We’ve got a good relationship. I know Jrue Holiday from L.A. I know A.I. from working out with him so it was a good look.

Have you talked to coach Collins about your role?

A little bit, but they need scoring. I just got to bring my game to the floor. Trying to get back to the playoffs because being there you got to want to keep going back. There’s nothing like it.

You’ve had a lot of charismatic, interesting teammates during you career. Tell us a bit about your former Wizards teammate JaVale McGee.

That’s my dude. JaVale’s a good dude. I’ve always been by his side and sometimes I get put in that craziness with him. He just signed a big contract, so they can’t say too much about him no more. He makes beats. Yeah, he’s a producer. Nobody really knows that. He’s got the studio and all that in his house. He’s very big on technology. They always tell me I spend my money on clothes, but he spends his money on computers and stuff.


I got stiches on my butt and I had to play the same night. [Laughs.] So, they had to pad my butt up. Oh man, that was a crazy night.


What expectations do you have for the 76ers this season?

Might win a championship. Quote me on that. We might win a championship. The way we working right now? Don’t be surprised if we put the Celtics out in the – nah I’m just playing. [Laughs.] Yeah, we gon’ be pretty good.

Blake Griffin is known to be a funny guy. Is he the funniest teammate you’ve ever had?

It’s a toss-up between him and JaVale. JaVale is funny. He’s a pretty funny dude. I know y’all seen the video and all that. All them bigs: DeAndre [Jordan], Blake [Griffin] and JaVale. We might have to give it to Blake though because he don’t do what JaVale do on the court. [Laughs.]

What was the first tattoo you got and the meaning behind it?

I got an angel over my heart when I was 18. My mom wouldn’t let me get it before. So when I turned 18, I went and got it. My brother took me. I was nervous, but that one didn’t hurt. Everyone after that one hurt, but for some reason that one didn’t. It was just like my guardian angel.

What was the most recent tattoo you got?

Right here. *Points to left forearm* In Swag We Trust. [Laughs.]

You had been doing the same thing as Durant, only getting tattoos under your jersey. What made you decide to tat your arm?

It was just so tempting. I was like ‘Everybody else got one. I might just get a little something.’ After I got, my mom and my dad was on my head calling me J.R. Smith. [Laughs.] So I’m going to have to calm down for a minute.

What’s your favorite college memory?

Me and Ryan Francis were play fighting and he pushed me through the fire extinguisher glass. [Laughs.] I got stiches on my butt and I had to play the same night. [Laughs.] So they had to pad my butt up. Oh man, that was a crazy night. I had pads all on me like a diaper. [Laughs.] I was not taking no charge or nothing that night.

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