Although he obviously won't be playing when the Bulls tip off their 2012-13 season against the Kings on October 31, Derrick Rose was present at Chicago's media day yesterday (rocking a fake Fu Manchu, for some reason) and spoke about the rehab process he's undergoing right now after tearing his ACL during the 2012 NBA Playoffs. According to D-Rose, the process is going well, but he's still afraid to make any cuts on the basketball court.

"Right now, cutting is the hardest thing in the world," he said. "I'm scared of it."

He's found a great source of inspiration, though. Last December, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson also tore his ACL during a game. And, AP made a great recovery from it. He's already back on the field and has put up more than 300 yards rushing and recorded two touchdowns through four games this season. So, Rose says he's using that to help push himself along.

"I had a video game commercial shoot with [Peterson] before the injury," Rose said yesterday. "To be that close to him and see how he takes everything from that one time to how he's doing now, it's exciting to me…Everyone's situation is different. Peterson came back quicker, and he's been playing great. The way I recover, it might take a little longer than his. You never know. I try to stay positive."

Us, too. So, we think we're going to see D-Rose back on the court—and doing amazing D-Rose things—by the start of 2013. Think you can swing it, Derrick?

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[via USA Today]