Remember how miserable Deron Williams used to look during New Jersey Nets game last season? There's a reason for that. According to him, some of his teammates used to laugh and joke around in the locker room after losses, which is something that didn't sit very well with him.

"It was hard," he said after the Brooklyn Nets first day of training camp today. "I've never been in that position before. So, at times, I've showed frustration. But, I think anybody would have. I think no matter who it is, if you were there every day and you saw what was going on in the locker room, you'd be pissed off, too, sometimes. You're getting your asses kicked and then you're in the locker room laughing about the game afterwards."

D-Will refused to specify whether or not the jokesters were still on the team. But, he did make his point loud and clear by reiterating that he wasn't down with losing and laughing about it.

"I don't think that stuff is funny," he said. "That's what we had to deal with last year. But, I don't think we're going to deal with it this year, because just talking to guys, that's not what we're about. We're talking about not losing two games in a row. We were just trying to fight to win two games in a row last year."

So, who do you think caused the problems last season? Shawne Williams? Anthony Morrow? DeShawn Stevenson? Ha. We'll let you look at those names and be the judge.

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[via ESPN New York]