2012 Suburu Impreza 2.0i Sport
Power: 148 hp
Engine: 2.0L Horizontally-Opposed DOHC Engine
Fuel Consumption: 27 city/36 highway

My 2004 tinted SUV dreams were crushed when I realised I was going to be pushing a hatchback. Rap video plans were dashed.

Little did I know this slick little vehicle would transport me to a cool future I never imagined. Driving the five-door 2012 Subaru Impreza 2.0i Sport Limited was a look into life as a supermom. As soon as I got inside and sat on the buttery leather interior, I imagined reckless boys aged seven through eleven in the backseat and the cargo area filled up with soccer equipment.


With a 148-horsepower all-wheel-drive machine at my disposal, the first order of business was hitting Red Hook (hard to reach via my everyday ride, the subway) to chomp on some Maine-style lobster rolls. I wanted to visit the neighborhood Ikea afterwards to take advantage of my spacious pimp mobile—perfect for stuffing affordable Swedish designs into every nook—but I had crustacean food coma and booked it back home for a nap. 

The next day, I was convinced that Sunday brunch was going to be dim sum in Queens and not my usual fare of poached eggs and thick-cut bacon in a hipster haunt in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Finding a spot in the Flushing municipal parking lot is a nightmare. I already knew I'd have to reserve an hour or more to snag a space in the complex, but I was impressed with the Impreza's ability to maneuver around tight corners, the sea of minivans, and fumes from tricked-out exhaust pipes.

My growing hunger for har gow and and cheong fun took over my typical nice-girl attitude, and I finally ran over an old man for a spot. VICTORY! I ran to Jade Asian Restaurant and stuffed my face with dumplings—too many, too fast—and ran back to the car because I'm a considerate person and know my empty space is worth a million middle fingers.

So what's my point? I judged the Subaru Impreza too quickly, passed it off as a mid-life wife mobile when really, it couldn't be more perfect for my young, fly, (and hungry) lifestyle.

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