Back in August, Phil Ivey sat down at the Crockfords casino, Britain's oldest gaming club, and promptly lost $800,000 playing a game of chance called Punto Banco. However, he then proceeded to go on a super hot streak over the course of the next two days during which he and a female companion won more than $11 million from the casino. Awesome! Er, right?

Well, as it turns out, not really. Convinced that either Ivey or his female companion—who was banned from one other Crockfords location in the past—had somehow cheated, they've refused to pay Ivey his $11.7 million windfall. They've also launched a full-scale investigation into how the poker pro managed to win such a large amount of money in such a short period of time by playing a game that requires no skill. But, the best part of the story is that, while we'd be pissed right now and doing whatever we could do in order to get our money, Ivey seems unaffected by the situation.

"He never mentioned it," his mother said when contacted by the UK's Daily Mail. "It can't have been very important to him, or I think he'd have mentioned it."

Yeah, you'd think. What gives?

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[via Daily Mail]