For a league that has been mired in health and safety issues as of late, the NFL's treatment of the whole situation has been downright reckless. The shield says they care about the players yet they're locking the people who determine what hits are illegal. There's about 1,200 years of experience between the 120-something locked-out officials being replaced with refs with zero experience. And now it looks like the replacement refs are going to be on until Week 5. The way things are looking, we might have to deal with these s(cr)ubs all season. At least, they'll get better come playoff time, right?

To be fair, aside from the complaints of Mario Williams, the replacements made the right calls in terms of helmet to helmet during Week 1. The league swears that the replacements have been trained and evaluated, but there's no way these new zebras can keep up with the speed of the NFL, especially if some only have experience chasing women dressed in underwear.