With news that the NFL's lockout of the referees will last until Week 5, it seems like we're going to have to deal with these amateur zebras for a while. Player safety and the integrity of the game are being neglected as well as the fans. The NFL has some huge cojones trotting out a diminished product all the while charging top dollar for tickets and making folks subscribe to premium cable programs to watch their games. Oh, and if you don't have one of those cable programs you can download the app on PS3 for a small fee of $299. We feel for folks that root for garbage teams because blackout rules allow only two to three games to be shown in a given market or in some cases, none. The NFL has eased up this year, but they still should give four games on Sunday afternoons—that's not too much to ask.

If the shield loses this battle, that'll be the second blow to Roger Goodell's ego this season. Just last week, the Saints involved in "Bountygate" won an appeal that allowed them to suit up for the perceivable future. We're aware that both sides are fighting over a lot more money than many could ever think of making on a yearly basis, but what's right is right. The NFLRA needs to stand pat and get that money. That's what the NFL owners would do.