On Friday, Warren Sapp appeared on "The Dan Patrick Show." When he was asked for his reaction to Cam Newton celebrating his touchdown with the Panthers down by 23 in the third quarter, Sapp veered off on a tangent and took an unnecessary jab at the Bears' Brandon Marshall

"These kids that play the game today have no relevance for the past, have no conscious of what it is ... I mean Brandon Marshall talking about Shannon Sharpe ... 'Who is he to talk?' He's the first 100-catch receiver (tight end) back to back, retard," Sapp said. "What you just did in Denver for three years. You don't know this? Of course he doesn't because it's not about Brandon Marshall. It ain't about the past, it's about me because it's about personal success, pay me and now I'll think about being a team guy."

As ESPN points out, Sapp was probably referencing Shannon Sharpe's brother, Sterling, in his rant. However, what cannot be ignored is the former NFL player calling Brandon Marshall a "retard." Given the Bears star receiver's history with borderline personality disorder, the whole matter is a sensitive subject that Sapp shouldn't have ever brought up.  

Still, Marshall decided to respond to Sapp and let's just say that B. Marshall put him in his place.    

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[via ESPN Chicago]