Last night, Packers guard T.J. Lang had some not-so-nice things to say about the NFL on Twitter. But, as it turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg for him. In addition to his rant, Lang also just revealed that on the flight from Seattle back to Green Bay last night, the Pack discussed either going on strike or taking a knee on every offensive possession until the real NFL referees start working games again. They're ready to take extreme measures to regain control of the league.

"Whatever it takes," he said during a radio interview on Detroit's 97.1 The Ticket this afternoon. "It's just a total embarrassment to everybody watching the game, the players in the game, it's not fun to be part of something like that. If it keeps going on, it's going to get ugly…We were furious, man. As soon as we got into the locker room we turned the TV on. It was just heartbreaking to have the game taken from us like that."

We don't see a players' strike happening this week—or maybe ever. But, if the referees' lockout doesn't end soon, players on the Packers and players on other teams might not have a choice if they really want the real refs back. This could get interesting.

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[via Pro Football Talk]