Years: 1971-1983
Teams: Houston Oilers, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles
Drafted: 1st round, 3rd overall (1971)
Career Games Started: 122

Dan Pastorini's career didn't start off how he expected—in his first three seasons he was a combined 5-25. You've got to be good or durable to start 122 games in the NFL, and Pastorini was more the latter than the former (although he did make the Pro Bowl in '75). You've definitely got to be durable to finish your career with 58 more interceptions than touchdowns. After his sub-par career with the Oilers he was traded towait for itthe Oakland Raiders where he played for five weeks until he broke his leg and future Super Bowl winner Jim Plunkett took over. Not the career a third-overall draft pick would have in mind.