Athlete They Complemented: Shaquille O'Neal
Years Together And Championships Won: 3 Seasons (1993-1996), 0 Championships
Career Span: 1993-2007
Individual Accolades: 4x NBA All-Star, 2x NBA All-NBA First Team

Penny and Shaq were the new age combination that brought about a change in style to the NBA. Hardaway's ability to create off the dribble, pass, and score was stunning. Many fans and journalists instantly compared Hardaway to Magic Johnson after Hardaway entered the Association. Hardaway and Shaq formed quite the inside-outside combo, and in their second year together they made the NBA Finals. Despite being swept by Houston, many expected them to have a long reign on top, but Shaq went Hollywood in '96 and Penny was never the same again. Injuries and other factors led to his departure from Orlando and he never could regain the athleticism that made him such a unique player. Somewhere Lil' Penny is playing the violin to this story.