Athlete They Complemented: Patrick Ewing
Years Together and Championships Won: 8 Seasons (1990-1998), 0 Championships
Career Span: 1988-2002
Individual Accolades: 1994 NBA All-Star, 1997 NBA Sixth Man of the Year, 1994 NBA All-Defensive 2nd Team

John Starks was that pesky yet effective sidekick Patrick Ewing teamed with during his time with the New York Knicks. Starks was undrafted and spent time in the WBL and CBA before signing with the Knicks. While the Knicks were never able to reach the ultimate goal of winning an NBA championship, they were much more competitive and respected around the NBA than they are now. Starks provided toughness, defense, and timely offense on the perimeter for New York and is responsible for one of the greatest highlights in New York Knickerbocker history dunking over Horace Grant and Michael Jordan in the 1993 NBA Eastern Conference Finals.