Former Chicago Bears receiver Sam Hurd is facing four more drug charges. While out on $100,000 bond, Hurd not only failed two drug tests, he also tried to purchase between 50 to 100 kilos of marijuana and 5 kilos of cocaine with the intent to distribute on June 6. During that same day, Sam's cousin and co-defendant, Jesse Tyrone Chavfulwas knocked for buying drugs at his T-shirt printing shop in San Antonio and (of course) snitched on Hurd. His allegations were backed up by phone records showing that Chavful made several phone calls to a number registered under Hurd's sister's name according to a federal agent. Sam Hurd now has six federal drug charges all together after getting busted last December for trying to purchase large quantities of narcotics from an undercover cop.

It looks like Sam is going away for a very long time.

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[via Chicago Tribune]