The Complex NFL Power Rankings, Week 4

23. Carolina Panthers

Record: 1 - 2
Last Week's Rank: 21
Last Week's Results: L vs Giants, 7-36
This Week: @ Falcons, 1:00 Sunday

So last week we said the Panthers' Thursday night matchup against the Super Bowl champs would be a big test for them. Is it possible to get lower than a F-? Cam looked disheveled post game and just plain bad during the game throwing three picks off some poorly thrown balls. Their run game was a step below pedestrian tallying up a grand total of 60 yards. Plus on the other side of the ball they made two 3rd string or worse guys in Ramses Barden and Andre Brown look like Pro-Bowlers.

It's getting mighty old to see Cam sulking on the sideline when things aren't looking too good, but we're glad Steve Smith gave him the lashing he needs to become that big time leader. Next week they go up against arguably one of the top two or three teams in the league and a divisional rival in Atlanta. We wouldn't bet on the Panthers coming out with a win, but with the parody this season has had, who knows. —Elias Ahmed

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