"One time on the Tech N9ne tour, we had to cross the border to go into Mexico, but we completely forgot about it. So, we had copped a fuckload of weed. So, we found out at like 10 p.m. after the show, and we panicked. We were like, 'yo, we just bought all this weed, it’s going to go to waste, we’re going to have to throw it away.' So, we said, 'fuck it,' and rolled it all up. It was probably about 20-plus Js. We gathered up all the crew, all the staff, anybody that smoked, but there weren’t many of us. They had the same problem, so they rolled theirs up, too. We put all of our Js up in the air and were like, 'Smoke Team unite," and just puffed our asses off. I don’t think we woke up for like two days. We had to get up for the shows, but we were still asleep. The other ill shit was that our driver was fucking smoking weed, man. So that shit was so sketchy, dude."