Isiah Thomas has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, but not today. Zeke has been doing quality community work in his hometown of Chicago. He's been marching to keep the peace and this weekend he hosted the Peace Basketball Tournament in a church basement on Chicago's South Side. Thomas had some help too. Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah coached, Derrick Rose showed his support and NBA refs Danny Crawford and Jim Capers officiated the games. The tournament puts kids from rival gangs and neighborhoods on the same teams in hopes they'll familiarize with each other and maybe stop the senseless violence. Isiah had this to say:

"Murder has run rampant in Chicago the last couple years, but gangs are calling a truce for this. By getting them to come together and play a sport, they might come to know each other. We believe it's hard to kill someone if you get to know him."

This is feel-good news for a city that has been nothing short of a war zone. Good to see people doing instead of talking.

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[via SB Nation]