For a team partially owned by Jay-Z, the Brooklyn Nets and Hov had to foresee leaks playing a major role in spoiling their grand roll-out plan. At first, it was a person who worked at the Barclays Center that posted the team's new logo on Twitter before the franchise made their grand unveiling. Then, an Instagram user took a picture of what is believed to be a replica of their home court. Now, McFarlane Toys leaked an image of their upcoming model of Nets star point guard Deron Williams with what is assumed to be a home, white jersey emblazoned with the word "Brooklyn" in all capital letters across the chest. Even though the photo is quite blurry, it's clear that (if this turns out to be the real deal) the Nets are continuing to believe in the "less is more" philosophy when it comes to their overall design. Is this a yea or nay in your book?        

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[via iSports Times]