Apparently, somebody told Floyd Mayweather that the Internet was getting upset at him for posting all of his winning betting slips to his Twitter account while conveniently leaving the losing ones in the garbage can. So, yesterday, Money May went on a little bit of a betting spree—he put in at least $450,000 worth of action of NFL games, according to his Twitter account—and, for the first time ever, he threw up a photo of a losing betting slip.

"I lost a $100,000 on Detroit Lions 1st half," he wrote, while showing off the losing ticket.

Of course, he did it right after showing off a couple of winning betting slips (hit the thumbs to see how much he won on those bets), but, hey, it's a start! See, kids? Gambling isn't all fun and games. And, even Money May loses when he makes bets. Thanks for the teaching moment, Floyd.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]