Which NBA player do you think has the best mid-range shot in the league? Where does Dwyane Wade rank on your personal list? It's probably not high up on the list, right? Well, don't tell that to Wade. In an interview with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, D-Wade discussed the fine-tuning he's looking to accomplish through the hiring of a shooting coach.

“I have one of the best mid-range shots in the league,” he said. “But, obviously, when you have different injuries, it makes you change a little bit. So it’s just about getting back to that comfort of it and finding out where you are now.

“My mid-range game is very important to me. The biggest thing is coming out of my pull-up without losing the ball and just making sure it comes through my hand the right way. When it comes to my shot exactly, I don’t have a bad shot. There’s other reasons why I come up short a lot. So it’s just trying to work the kinks out.”

Wait, what? One of the best mid-range shots in the league? C'mon fam! As Pro Basketball Talk points out, "from 16-23 feet, here’s where Wade ranked among shooting guards, not the entire league, just among shooting guards, from 16-23 feet over the past five years: 42nd, 63rd, 26th, 56th, 45th." Those are hardly the numbers of someone with the so-called best mid-range shots in the NBA. #justsaying 

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