We've seen a lot of athletes make headlines for their eccentric celebrations over the years. But, we've never really seen an athlete make headlines for not celebrating. Until now, that is.

Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a pair of goals during Real Madrid's game against Grenada. But, he didn't celebrate either of the goals. So, reporters asked him about it after the match, and he made headlines when he admitted he didn't celebrate because he was feeling "sad" during the game because of "professional" reasons.

"The people know the reasons why I didn't celebrate goals," he said. "I don't do so when I am feeling sadness. It was due to a professional motive. The appropriate people inside the club know why I'm sad. I won't say anything more."

Awwwwwww! Poor, poor Ronaldo. Things were all good just a few days ago. What happened?!?

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[via ESPN]