Date: July 2001

Jonathan Vaughters was a teammate of Armstrong's and, like many others around Armstrong, an admitted doper. After a brief stint with USPS, Vaughters joined a competing French team.

During the 2001 Tour de France he was stung by a wasp and because of an allergic reaction, turned into a contemporary version of The Elephant Man (see picture). He could have been treated with a cortisone shot but, because the injection would have violated UCI's drug policy, decided to let his face swell like a rotting papaya in protest of what he felt was a ridiculous rule by competitive cycling's governing body.

As he lined up for the following day's stage Armstrong said to Vaughters, "Poor Jonathan and his stupid little French team. What the fuck are you like? If you had stayed with me, this would have been taken care of but now you are not going to finish the Tour de France because of a wasp sting." Classy.

An example of Lance Armstrong ripping a guy for playing by the rules while, simultaneously, allegedly breaking them.