There's absolutely nothing new about NFL players getting arrested. It seems like we hear about one or two of them getting busted for doing something illegal at least once a week. But, we've never heard of a guy getting arrested for doing anything like this.

Yesterday afternoon, Falcons defensive end John Abraham was arrested and charged with obstruction of police and obstruction of firefighters in midtown Atlanta. And, what'd he do to earn those charges? It seems local authorities were called after a woman threatened to jump off a building. And, when they arrived, they found a large crowd of people, including Abraham, gathered around the building and tried to move the crowd back by putting up crime scene tape. But, Abraham refused to move outside of tape, ignored repeated requests made by police officers and firefighters, and even tried to push his way further into the area as they were trying to get him to move back. So, he was arrested.

As of right now, we have no clue why he refused to leave the scene. We're not sure if he was just trying to help or if he had some type of relationship with the woman, who did not jump from the building and was later taken to the hospital. But, by getting arrested, Abraham became the second Falcon in the last week to end up behind bars. His was, by far, the stranger of the two arrests, though. And, we get the feeling that we haven't heard the last of this one yet.

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[via Atlanta Journal-Constitution]