Okay, so we're about maxed out on all of the Packers/Seahawks coverage at this point. But, this last story should really help us put a bow on the whole situation so that we can all start to move the hell on.

After the controversial game ended on Monday night, Yahoo! Sports writer Michael Silver got some face time with Marshawn Lynch at a local Seattle restaurant and got Lynch to admit that he didn't think the Seahawks deserved to win the game. But, that's not the most stunning information to come out of the subsequent piece that he put together about the game. Silver also talked to a player from the NFC North—the same division the Packers play in—who called the Golden Tate touchdown ruling at the end of the game "the worst call in the NFL history." And, additionally, he spoke with an NFL assistant coach who took things even further. Maybe a little too much further.

"Oh, it's really bad," he told Silver when asked about the call. "It's Tuck Rule bad. Rodney King bad."

Wait. Rodney King bad? Rodney King bad? Listen, it was a bad call. But, let's not get carried away. As pissed off as we are about it, a football game has nothing on the Rodney King situation. And, we don't even know why that particular assistant coach even felt the need to take it there. Let's keep things in perspective, people, OK?

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[via Yahoo! Sports]