How many times have you heard Brett Favre described as "a kid out there" while gunslinging touchdowns and spiking footballs? Constantly. Or, at least, until he faked retirement several times and started mass texting pictures of his dick. The combination of John Madden's retirement and Favre's acting like a pervy narcissist brought that analogy to an end real quick.

But there's something about grown men making millions of dollars to play a game, that causes us to attribute some sort of child-like innocence to their character and it's always a disaster.

Take for example Dwight Howard who was the NBA's beloved class clown before he spent the last year jerking around the Magic franchise. In reality Howard's epitomic of the selfish, out of touch superstar. If Howard wanted out of Orlando on his own terms he could have just played another year, collected $19M and left. That's it. He wasn’t leading all that tortured an existence. Actually, his situation was pretty awesome in Orlando. Not sure why he’s been so moody in 2012. 

What LeBron did in Cleveland was humiliating, but you can expect that from thoughtless, millionaire twenty-somethings. What Howard did in Orlando was sabotage, like a kid that pushes the Jenga tower down in frustration, there's nothing playful about the Lakers new center.