How did athlete superstars like Dwight Howard, Tim Tebow, and Lance Armstrong become the phoniest figures in sports today? One guy pulled a LeBron (except it spanned over several months instead of a 90-minute special), another is product of ESPN's hype machine, and the latter finally got exposed for allegedly using PEDs, right? Well yeah, but it's not so simple. In sports, years of affection and senseless admiration from a stadium full of drunken strangers has proven to distort reality, both for athletes and ourselves. We create demigods who, often times, don't live up to the exaggerated roles we help them create.

That’s not to say that athletes are bad people. But as individuals who devote their lives to catching a pass, biking a hill, or dunking a basketball, we shouldn’t be all that shocked to learn that many of them are flawed human beings. Find out how Howard, Tebow, Armstrong, and others became the phoniest athletes in sports today in The Anatomy of a Sports Phony.

Written by Sean Evans (@seanseaevans)

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